Hello, we are BrainJuice.

We redefine how you connect with a culturally diverse community.

How did we come about?

It was a moment of clarity!

With more than 30% of our population having been born abroad, our harmonious melting pot of cultural diversity is what makes Australia great. Businesses are starting to wake up to the possibilities, thanks to the impressive buying power of our Asian consumers. From the property market to luxury products, some brands are already working to better cater to the needs of our Asian consumers. However, there is still a sizeable learning gap and opportunity to be addressed for businesses to break into this lucrative market segment!

To engage with Asian consumers more effectively, companies need to change their mindsets and completely rethink their marketing strategies. The first step is to gain deep insight of the Asian community, to understand the cultural nuances that anchor their behaviours and preferences.

Who are we exactly?

We know people and we know business, we know what makes different cultures tick and we know how to convert that into commercial outcomes for your brand. 
BrainJuice adapts and applies research in a culturally meaningful way and we hold an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sociocultural impact,
human dynamics and customised research setting to uncover your JuicyInsights. BrainJuice is here to help Australian brands build that solid bridge and connect better through our differences. 

What is a JuicyInsight?

Our insight, a translation of cultural differences to redefine consumer truth. 

What do we do best?

Our Services 

Full Qualitative Research Service

Our seasoned moderators hold extensive cross-cultural knowledge and unparalleled expertise in the complex values of Asian cultural nuances.
We deliver an end to end qualitative service and network and deliver relentless dedication in its execution and higher level thinking. BrainJuice is committed to deliver strategic solutions for your project and business needs.

 Empathy Excursions

To create meaningful connections between your brand and Asian consumers, empathy is particularly important in the art of cross-cultural understanding. Our Empathy Excursions go beyond the study of ethnographies and in-store shop-alongs, with a customised approach to dive deeper into your target consumer’s thoughts, opinions, and way of life.

Workshops and Ideation Facilitation

We believe that one-way presentations are not good enough! BrainJuice has a strong track record in facilitating both consumer-centric &
client-centric product and commercial ideation sessions. Leveraging elements from a variety of innovation and facilitation approaches, we craft the right methodology to ensure insightful and enjoyable cross-functional workshops for your business needs.

The common theme of our workshops: Learning, Innovation, Action and Co-creation sessions with either consumers or internal stakeholders.

We want you to meet Isabel

Who am I?

Born in China, studied in Malaysia, worked in Singapore and now calling Australia home. A world traveller, a professional foodie and an amateur food critic, an Asian Melbourne hipster-wanna-be. A mum.
An inspired psychologist.

What I've done

Cultural insight activation, U&A, psychographic segmentation, ideation, branding & strategy planning, positioning, CX & UX

Where I've done it

Singapore, Greater China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia
and Australia

Industries I have experience in

FMCG, automotive, finance & insurance, energy, pharmaceutical, white goods, technology & retail

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Phone: +61 481461686
Email: isabelzhang@brainjuice.com.au

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